Lady Luck

Lady Luck

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15 minutes from Hillsboro Inlet, Pompano Beach, FL

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The casino themed Lady Luck wreck, a 324-foot tanker vessel, was sunk on July 23, 2016. It is one of the largest contributions to Florida’s artificial reef system and is one of the most easily accessible major dive sites in the nation. It is the centerpiece of Shipwreck Park, surrounded by 16 other existing wrecks. Originally named the Newtown Creek, she was built in Maryland in 1967 and spent 50 years in New York City, hauling sewage sludge to offshore dumping grounds. In 2014, the city of New York retired her, and thanks to an initiative between the City of Pompano Beach and Isle Casino Racing Pompano Beach, enough money was raised to bring The Lady Luck to Florida. She rests upright in the sand, just east of the outer reef in 130 feet of water. Pompano Beach artist Dennis MacDonald was hired to create fun and unique underwater displays, including a casino theme for the ship deck. The art displays include gigantic dice, slot machines, card sharks, octopus dealers, and a cocktail serving mermaid… great for photo opportunities! Visibility is generally good on the wreck but currents can sometimes be strong.  


Dive Details

  • Diver Level
    Advanced Open Water, Expert Diver
  • Dive Type
    Wreck Dive, Technical Dive
  • Depth