Address :
10 minutes from Hillsboro Inlet, Pompano Beach FL

The Okinawa was a 107 foot long Army Tug boat, originally named the LT 1970, was built in 1953. She served for many decades towing destroyers up and down the east coast. The Okinawa was decommissioned and sold in 2003 before being purchased with the intention of sinking her to form an artificial reef. ¬†Okinawa was sunk by Shipwreck Park Inc and was the 18th wreck in Shipwreck Park Pompano Beach. Local renowned artist Dennis McDonald created a whimsical dive bar called the Midnight Sun, as chosen by Finlandia Vodka, the project’s largest sponsor. Okinawa was carefully prepared for penetration before she was sunk, with several access points in the superstructure. You can penetrate the opening in front of the wheelhouse and swim into the engine room and then out through the dive bar.


Dive Details

  • Diver Level
    Open Water
  • Dive Type
    Wreck Dive
  • Depth